Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CustomBIAB has now reopened with a new site!

CustomBIAB has now reopened to orders, at our brand new site

This blog will no longer be actively used.  Please refer to new website above, or our Facebook page.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New style bags

The new style CustomBIAB brew bags are now all ready, sorry for the delay with it, had to make sure everything was just right. The new bags are a 'bean tin' design, which gives a much greater capacity for grain.
(This image is for illustration purposes only.  Due to the possibility of sagging when loaded with grain, we recommend that if you are using the new style bags you should fit a cake rack or similar to your vessel, just above the element to prevent the bag and element from touching.)
They also now have a reinforced ring of webbing around the top, just below the drawstring, with 4 loops for lifting the bag and grain.
The loops are sewn with a double-stitched 'X box' for extra strength.
Of course the bags also still have the features of the classic style CustomBIAB bags, the adjustable drawstring and 'plimsoll line'.

The original 'pillow case' style bags will still be available for those that prefer them, but they will no longer be offered for any vessels under 35cm deep, due to the limited capacity they give.  From now, all bags intended for use as a mashing bag will have the reinforcing webbing and lifting loops added.

If you need a bag for a vessel over 50cm by 50cm, or if you have any other specific needs please contact me, and I'll do my very best.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Care and usage instructions for your CustomBIAB brew bag

It is recommended to wash or rinse your bag before first use, to remove any residues that may remain from the sewing process, i.e. tailor's chalk etc.

Rinse after use to remove grain/hop residue
Machine Washable
Do not tumble dry

Contents will be hot when in use, handle with care

The drawstring is intended to secure your bag around your brewing vessel, it IS NOT weight bearing

DO NOT twist the drawstring!

Due to the possibility of sagging when loaded with grain, we recommend that if you are using the new style bags in a vessel that has an element, you should fit a cake rack or similar to your vessel, just above the element to prevent the bag and element from touching.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CustomBIAB is now on Facebook

CustomBIAB now has a Facebook group. Head on over and 'like' us on facebook and keep up to date with all the latest news.

CustomBIAB Facebook Group

Monday, June 13, 2011

Customer Feedback & Reviews

If you are a customer of CustomBIAB I'd be very grateful if you could leave some feedback or a review to let us know what you think of us and of your bag.

Please leave your review as a comment below this post.

Thanks a lot.


(Comments will be moderated, but only to prevent non-customers from commenting on this particular post.)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The design of my BIAB bags

This is a brief overview of the general design of the BIAB bags I make. Obviously they are custom made to your specification, so the design can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

The standard design tapers towards the bottom, meaning that when lifted from the hot wort there are less run-off points.

Bags are designed primarily for function, rather than aesthetics (although, I do my best there too).
The inside seam of the bag, the one that comes into contact with the grain, is smooth, and has been turned and top-stitched, this is to provide as few areas as possible for grain to become caught, and to make sure the bag is easily cleanable.

The outside of the seam looks slightly untidier and you may see thread from the stitches at the edge, this is the side of the seam that has been overlocked or serged, to provide strength. It may look as if your bag is inside out, it's not!

The drawstring on the bags is made from 100% nylon and is heat sealed at the ends to prevent fraying.

Bags have a plimsoll or depth line marked on them. This level is a few cm shorter than the vessel depth or element height that we are given. If you place the plimsoll line on the rim of your vessel and then tighten the drawstring, you will have a visible gauge to ensure that your bag is kept safely away from the element or bottom of your brew vessel.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The obligatory 'Welcome' post

Hi, and welcome to my new blog.
My name's Mareth, I live in Ireland and I've been creating various crafty bits and bobs for a long time now, but I've recently, rather grudgingly at first, become involved with my husband's homebrew hobby.
He got into Brew In A Bag (BIAB) after starting to homebrew with the usual kits etc that everyone starts with, and then wanting to step it up to all-grain brewery, but preferring to avoid the massive outlay that is normally involved with buying the necessary equipment.  Once he started BIAB we found that the actual bags were very hard to come by, and were normally made of muslin which, being a natural material, doesn't stand up at all well to being boiled for long periods and is really only suitable for a single brew.  To overcome this he asked me to make him a bag that would be longer lasting, and stronger.  Since making that first bag, I've made another 15 or so for other people, it appears it's something a lot of people are interested in.  So I thought I'd start up this blog.

My BIAB bags are made from 100% synthetic voile, and are overlocked (serged) and topstitched with 100% acrylic thread, have double-stitched seams, and have a drawstring made from 100% nylon.  All of this means that, unlike muslin and cotton, there's nothing in my bags that can rot, and nothing that will degrade due to the continued exposure to high temperatures.
The bags are custom made, so can be made to any size you require.  We also have a few standard sizes for common brewing vessels, a standard Youngs 5 gallon fermenting bucket, a 60 litre fermentation bucket (as sold by the likes of Hop & Grape and, which some people have converted to a boiler), and a standard 50 litre 'keggle' conversion.

I'll be uploading some pictures soon, of the bags I've made.  In the mean time if you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.