Monday, June 13, 2011

Customer Feedback & Reviews

If you are a customer of CustomBIAB I'd be very grateful if you could leave some feedback or a review to let us know what you think of us and of your bag.

Please leave your review as a comment below this post.

Thanks a lot.


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  1. I bought one of these a few months ago. They are absolutely brilliant. Well made (tough as old boots) and look great. Excellent service as well.
    Highly recommended.

    Beer O'Clock

  2. I bought one of these bags a few weeks ago, and just had a chance to put it into service today. Wow, just wow.

    First, the bag looks perfect. The craftsmanship is obviously quite high. All the stitching and seams are professional and flawless. Similarly, the bag material is flawless and high quality. The drawstring is sturdy, and came with a clip so that it can be fastened around the rim of the vessel in a snap.

    No surprise that in use, it works perfectly. Despite a huge grain bill, the bag never gave even the slightest hint that it wasn't up to the task. Cleanup was a snap -- I just dumped the grain, rinsed a few times, and hung to dry. After brushing away the little bit of remaining dried grain, it looks brand new.

    Communication during the ordering process was excellent. Shipping was faster than I would have believed possible from Ireland -- I've had orders inside the US that took longer to arrive once they shipped. The price quoted for the bag was incredibly fair -- hardly more than it would have cost to purchase the materials alone locally.

    Overall, I'm extremely pleased with CustomBIAB.

  3. Used my BIAB bag for the first time on a brew last night. Previously I was using a large square of material which meant I had lots of spare material to gather up and keep out of the way. This bag made things so much easier.

    It was made to fit my 50l stockpot perfectly and the neatly sewn seams meant cleaning was quick and easy.

    Great value for money and as a previous comment - the communication during ordering was first class.

    Thanks for such a excellent service and product Mareth.

    jimp2003 (off Jim's Beer Kit Forum)

  4. Just received my custom made bag - fantastic value for money and the quality is superb. The wife was very impressed with the sewing quality and the effort to ensure the strength.

    Would recommend this to anyone.

    Many Thanks

    Telford Brewer (Jim's Beer Kit Forum)

  5. Well Mareth what can i say .
    Sewing perfection . I have yet to use the bag but i just know it will be great . A quality item and service . I recommend to all B.I.A.B brewers .
    Kind Regard Dean.

    deanrpwaacs (jims beer kit)

  6. Bag was just fantastic. I worked wonderfully and is crafted perfectly. It fit nicely into my pot and I was one less thing I had to worry about on my first trip down the all-grain road. Excellent product, thanks CustomBIAB.

  7. Thanks Mareth, the bag looks excellent and the service was really good. Looking forward to making some quality brews with it. Recommended!

  8. I used my bag for the first time yesterday and it was great, really tough and well made. My boiler was a bit non-standard (heating element far too high) but Mareth did a great job in altering the normal design to fit and rescue my dodgy build - thank you so much!

  9. Quick turnaround, quality product. Cheers,

  10. Great product, great price and great service - what more can a homebrewer ask?!!!

    All the best,

  11. Excellent product and superb customer service.


  12. Just used my bag and custom hop sock, and they worked perfectly. The quality is great and built to last.


  13. Just received my BIAB bag in the mail and let me tell you, it's absolutely awesome...can't wait for the brewday. Super fast service, excellent quality. Thanks. I'm sure I'll be back for more.

  14. Just received my new bag and it's briliant. It was a custom shape in quite a large size and it fits the vessel perfectly. Really impressed with the quality of the work, thanks!

  15. An excellent bag, extremely well made. Pi$$e$ all over the last bag I used which was a standard homebrew shop branded large bag.



  16. Just received my bag, took a couple of weeks to ship across the pond but was worth the wait! Very quality sewing job and voile material - the size was exactly as requested and the handles/drawstring are top-notch. As everyone else has said, highly recommend! Thanks much!

  17. I ve just received the bag! It's wonderful e made very very good!!!

  18. Picked up mine last week and used it last night in my first ever all grain brew. It is a seriously nice piece of kit and very well made- I'm really impressed. It fits my brew pot perfectly even though there are handles on both sides at the top (of the pot). And the bag is designed so it doesn't touch the bottom of the pan- I had a circular wire rack that I was going to use but it wasn't necessary. 10 out of 10 here.