Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New style bags

The new style CustomBIAB brew bags are now all ready, sorry for the delay with it, had to make sure everything was just right. The new bags are a 'bean tin' design, which gives a much greater capacity for grain.
(This image is for illustration purposes only.  Due to the possibility of sagging when loaded with grain, we recommend that if you are using the new style bags you should fit a cake rack or similar to your vessel, just above the element to prevent the bag and element from touching.)
They also now have a reinforced ring of webbing around the top, just below the drawstring, with 4 loops for lifting the bag and grain.
The loops are sewn with a double-stitched 'X box' for extra strength.
Of course the bags also still have the features of the classic style CustomBIAB bags, the adjustable drawstring and 'plimsoll line'.

The original 'pillow case' style bags will still be available for those that prefer them, but they will no longer be offered for any vessels under 35cm deep, due to the limited capacity they give.  From now, all bags intended for use as a mashing bag will have the reinforcing webbing and lifting loops added.

If you need a bag for a vessel over 50cm by 50cm, or if you have any other specific needs please contact me, and I'll do my very best.

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